About us

Doorstep Pet Supply was started in 2009 by two roommates Brent and Bo who both had dogs and were tired of coming home from work at the end of the day and realizing they forgot to buy dog food. The whole idea was you think about dog food when you do breakfast and think about it but when you go about your day it fads until you are home scratching the bottom for dinner. And if you feed quality food you aren't buying it at the grocery store so the last thing you want to do at 6 is run across town to buy a bag of food. So what if you could order in the morning when you are thinking about it. Then when you get home from work it is sitting on your doorstep waiting for you? Thus Doorstep Pet Supply was born. Before big online retailers were offering free 2 day shipping we were offering free same day shipping. 

Buy local, buy smart - Doorstep Pet Supply - Free same day delivery for orders place before noon.